Revision History of the Dictionary

Ver. 3.0 → 4.0 (2009年4月22日)

標準対訳辞書 ver. 4.0 における変更点です. 詳細は以下の通りです.



見出し語 entry修正後 after


見出し語 entry修正前 before修正後 after
悪意の(で)with knowledge;knowingly;in bad faithwith knowledge;knowingly;in bad faith;maliciously;with malice
著しい損害又は遅滞substantial detriment or delaysubstantial harm or delay
一括売却package (blanket) saledisposal by a sale en bloc
違反調査investigation into violationsinvestigation into violation
姻族relative through marriagerelative by affinity
外貨建債券bond in foreign currencya foreign currency denominated bond
監護custody;caring forcustody;care
期間の経過後after the passage of a period (of time);after the expiration of period (of time)after the passage of a period (of time);after the expiration of a period (of time)
期間の計算computation of period of timecomputation of a period of time
議定書附属書annexannex (to protocol)
求償権right to obtain reimbursement;exoneration;remedy overright to reimbursement;right to indemnification;right to remedy over
行政措置administrative measuresadministrative measure
共有物property in coownershipproperty in co-ownership
共有物の分割partition of property in coownershippartition of property in co-ownership
緊急避難aversion of clear and present dangeravoidance of clear and present danger
勤務条件working condition;conditions of workworking terms and conditions
組入金the money deducted from the proceeds and added to the estatemoney deducted from proceeds and added to the estate
決算期accounting periodaccounting period;fiscal year end
原作品originaloriginal work(s)
建設業construction industryconstruction industry;construction business
原判決judgment of prior instancejudgment in prior instance
権利変動の対抗要件requirements of perfection of changes in rightsrequirements for perfection of change in rights
公安public securitypublic security;public safety
公益委員public memberpublic interest member
後見開始の審判order for commencement of guardianshipruling for commencement of guardianship
交互計算current accountopen account
国際規制物資international controlled materialinternationally controlled material
この法律は、…から施行するthis Act shall come into effect as from …this Act shall come into effect as of …
債権claim;obligation-right;creditclaim;(account) receivable;credit
催告demand;notice;requisitiondemand;notice;requisition;demand letter
再審開始の決定ruling for commencement of retrialorder of commencement of retrial
再生手続終結termination of the rehabilitation proceedingtermination of the rehabilitation proceeding(s)
再生手続終了close of the rehabilitation proceedingclose of the rehabilitation proceeding(s)
再生手続廃止discontinuance of rehabilitation proceedingdiscontinuance of rehabilitation proceeding(s)
財団債権claim of the estate(estate claim)claim of the estate (estate claim)
再犯repeated conviction;second convictionrepeat conviction;second conviction
裁判上又は裁判外の行為act in or out of courtacts in or out of court
債務の減免reduction and release of debtsreduction or release of debts
指図債権debt payable to orderinstrument payable to order
資金決済settlement of fundssettlement
執行行為acts of executionact of execution
出願公開laying open of applicationpublication of application
出願品種applied varietyapplied plant variety
循環資源recyclable resourcescirculative resources
準共有quasi- coownershipquasi-co-ownership
準備的口頭弁論preliminary oral proceeding(s)preliminary oral arguments
上訴権回復restoration of appeal rightsrestoration of appeal right
商法若しくは会社法の規定による留置権rights of retention provided for in the provisions of Commercial Code or Companies Actrights of retention provided for in the provisions of the Commercial Code or the Companies Act
職務発明employee's inventionemployee invention
職階制position classificationposition classification plan
書面尋問production of statements in lieu of examinationsubmission of written statements in lieu of examination
知れている債権者known creditorsknown creditor
生活上の本拠the principal place where a person livesprincipal place of residence
生存に必要な保護protection necessary for lifeprotection necessary for survival
選定者selector;appointerappointing party
船舶発生廃棄物汚染防止規程shipboard waste pollution prevention provisionsshipboard waste pollution prevention regulations
専門委員expert adviser;technical advisor;experts committeeexpert advisor;technical advisor;experts committee member
送信可能化権right of making transmittableright to make transmittable
贓物property obtained through a crime against propertyproperty obtained through a crime
相隣関係neighboring relationshipsneighboring relationship
訴訟手続の中止suspension of court proceeding(s) on the ground of impossibility and difficulty of procedural actions by court;suspension of court proceeding(s)suspension of court proceeding(s)
訴訟の目的subject-matter of suitsubject matter of suit
対抗するperfect duly assert againstperfect;duly assert against
対抗要件requirement to duly assert against third parties;perfection requirementrequirement for perfection;requirement to duly assert against third parties
代表権authority of representationright to represent
代物弁済substitute performanceaccord and satisfaction;substitute performance
代理権authority of representationcapacity to representation;right of representation;authority of representation
単元株式数share unitshare unit number
単元未満株式share less than one (share) unitshare less than one unit
担保権の実行exercise of the security interestexercise of security interest
担保権の消滅extinguishment of security interestsextinguishment of security interest
地役権者easement holderservitude holder
地方独立行政法人local independent administrative agencylocal incorporated administrative agency
地方文化財local cultural assetslocal cultural property
抵当不動産mortgaged immovablemortgaged real property
転質sub pledgesubpledge;re-pledge
同居の親族relative living togetherrelatives living together
独立行政法人independent administrative agencyincorporated administrative agency
取戻権rights of segregationright of segregation
認知acknowledgmentacknowledgment of paternity;filiation
破産債権者bankruptcy creditorsbankruptcy creditor
否認権の行使exercise of rights of avoidanceexercise of right of avoidance
物上保証人third party mortgagor;third party pledgorthird party mortgagor;accommodation mortgagor;third party pledgor;accommodation pledgor
扶養義務duty to supportduty to support;maintenance obligation
保佐監督人supervisor of the curatorsupervisor of curator
補助監督人supervisor of the assistantsupervisor of assistant
補助参加assisting interventionsupporting intervention
補助参加人assisting intervenersupporting intervener
本案判決judgment on meritsjudgment on the merits
無罪not guilty;innocentnot guilty;innocent;acquittal
有効期間valid period;effective periodvalidity period;effective period
予告通知advance notice of filing an actionadvance notice (of filing of an action)
予備費reserve fundsreserve fund
履行期time of performancetime of performance;performance period;due date for performance
臨時計算書類temporary financial statementsprovisional financial statements
臨時決算日temporary account closing dayprovisional account closing date
労働条件working conditionworking conditions
和解に代わる決定ruling in lieu of settlementorder in lieu of settlement


見出し語 entry訳語 equivalent
主登記principal register
診療medical care
前項に規定するもののほか、…は、…で定めるin addition to what is provided for in the preceding paragraph, … shall be prescribed by …
代金charge;purchase money;purchase price;proceeds
付記登記supplemental register

Ver. 2.0 → 3.0 (2008年4月15日)

標準対訳辞書 ver. 3.0 における変更点です. 詳細は以下の通りです.



見出し語 entry修正後 after備考 remark
回避(裁判官の)回避「裁判官の回避」以外の訳 recusal を追加.
海洋海洋(の)訳語に oceansea を追加.
職権で職権で(職権により)訳語に sua sponteby one's authority を追加
…の翌日から起算して…の日の翌日から起算して訳語に commencing from the day following the date of を追加.


見出し語 entry修正前 before修正後 after
相手方opponent;the other party/other parties;opposite party;counter partyopponent;the other party/other parties;opposite party;counterparty;adverse party
異議の申立てfiling of an objectionfiling of an objection;raise an objection
異議の申出(filing of an) objection(filing of an) objection;(raise an) objection
育児child carechildcare
育児休業child care leavechildcare leave
遺産の分割partition of estatedivision of estate
遺族survivor;bereaved familysurviving family (member);bereaved family
遺族基礎年金basic pension for survivor;basic pensionbasic pension for surviving family
遺族補償一時金lump sum compensation for survivor;lump sum compensationlump sum compensation for surviving family
遺族補償年金前払一時金compensation pension advance for survivor;compensation pension advancecompensation pension advance for surviving family
遺伝子組換え生物living modified organismgenetically modified organism;living modified organism
遺伝子組換え微生物modified microorganismsgenetically modified microorganism;modified microorganisms
遺留した物articles left behindarticle left behind
遺留分legally reserved portionstatutory reserved share
医療給付medical care benefitsmedical care benefit
印影impression of a sealseal impression
姻族relatives by affinityrelative through marriage
売上高net salessales;sales volume
運送賃freightfreight (charge)
映画の著作物cinematographic workscinematographic work(s)
営業の部類line of the business;line of the operationsline of business;line of operations
押収物seized articlesseized article
応当する日corresponding daycorresponding day;day corresponding to
おそれrisk;likelihoodrisk of;likelihood;threat of
音楽の著作物musical worksmusical work(s)
外国foreign stateforeign state;foreign country
外国倒産処理手続foreign insolvency proceedingforeign insolvency proceeding(s)
外国法事務弁護士foreign lawyer registered in Japanregistered foreign lawyer
外国法事務弁護士事務所office of foreign lawyer registered in Japanoffice of registered foreign lawyer
海上保安官Coast Guard Officercoast guard officer
解職removalremoval (from position/duty)
加害者perpetratorperpetrator;injuring party
株券発行会社company issuing share certificateshare certificate-issuing company
株主名簿管理人administrator of shareholder registryshareholder registry administrator
仮拘禁許可状permit of provisional detentionprovisional detention permit
官憲authoritythe authorities
監護custodycustody;caring for
監査法人audit firmauditing firm
管理権right of management of property;administrationright of management of property;administration (right);right to manage
管理命令management orderadministration order
期間の経過後after the expiration of period (of time)after the passage of a period (of time);after the expiration of period (of time)
期間の満了expiration of periodexpiration of a period (of time)
技術基準technical standardstechnical standard
既成条件fulfilled conditionfulfilled condition;satisfied condition
帰属ownership;belonging;vestingownership;belong to;vested in
寄託物goods depositeddeposited goods
基本的事項basic matterbasic matter;fundamental matter
吸収分割承継会社succeeding company in absorption-type splitsuccessor company in absorption-type split
共益費用expenses for the common interest;administrative expensesexpenses for common benefit;administrative expenses
共同してin concerted action;jointly;connectedlyin concerted action;in concert with;jointly;connectedly
共同正犯coprincipalscoprincipal (in crime)
共同訴訟人copartycoparty (in action)
共同保証人joint guarantorsjoint guarantor
業務災害employment injuryemployment injury;work injury
業務執行者executing personperson who executes (the) business
業務執行社員managing membermanaging member;executive member
業務方法書statement of operation proceduresstatement of operational procedures
虚偽行為fraudfraudulent act
虚偽表示fictitious manifestation of intention;misrepresentationfalse manifestation of intention;misrepresentation
緊急避難averting present dangeraversion of clear and present danger
金品money and goodsmoney and/or goods
国の行政機関national government organnational government administrative organ
計画審理well-organized proceedingwell-organized proceeding(s)
刑事訴訟criminal procedure;criminal proceedingcriminal procedure;criminal proceeding(s)
血族relatives by bloodrelative by blood
検察事務官assistant officer to a/the prosecutorpublic prosecutor's assistant officer
原著作物original worksoriginal work
限度limitlimit;to the extent necessary (for)
現場scene;sitethe scene;site
現物出資財産properties contributed in kindproperty contributed in kind
公益法人non-profit corporationpublic interest corporation
公演performance(public) performance
綱紀委員会disciplinary committeediscipline committee
公共用水域public water areaspublic water area
攻撃防御方法allegations and evidencesallegation and evidence
公正証書notarized deednotarial deed
更生手続(corporate) reorganization proceedings(corporate) reorganization proceeding(s)
厚生年金welfare pensionemployee's pension insurance;employee's pension
更生保護施設halfway houserehabilitation facilities
口頭審理hearing;oral hearing;oral proceedingshearing;oral hearing;oral proceeding(s)
公表publication;announcement;public announcement;releasepublication;announcement;public announcement;release;disclosure
公表された著作物works already made publicwork(s) already made public
公布の日から起算して…を経過した日the day on which … have elapsed from the day of promulgationthe day on which … have elapsed from the date of promulgation
公布の日から起算して…を超えない範囲内において政令で定める日the date specified by a Cabinet Order within a period not exceeding … from the day of promulgationthe day specified by Cabinet Order within a period not exceeding … from the date of promulgation
国内売上高domestic salesdomestic sales (volume)
国内倒産処理手続domestic insolvency proceedingdomestic insolvency proceeding(s)
国家公務員倫理審査会national public officers ethics boardNational Public Service Ethics Board
この法律による改正前のprior to the revision by this Actprior to revision by this Act
債券bonddebenture (certificate)
財産権property rightsproperty right
財産分離separation of propertydivision of property
財産目録inventory (of property)inventory of assets
再生手続rehabilitation proceedingsrehabilitation proceeding(s)
最低賃金minimum wagesminimum wage
最低賃金審議会minimum wages councilminimum wage council
裁判手続judicial proceedingscourt decision proceeding(s)
在来生物indigenous speciesnative species;indigenous species
詐害行為取消権creditor's right to request the rescission of the fraudulent act by the debtorright to request avoidance of fraudulent act
磁気的方式a magnetic formmagnetic form
時効prescription;statute of limitations;statutory limitationsprescription;statute of limitations
時効完成completion of prescription;raps of the period of statutory limitationscompletion of prescription;lapse of the period of statute of limitations
時効期間period of prescription;period of statutory limitationsperiod of prescription;period of statute of limitations
施行規則Implementation OrdinanceOrdinance for Enforcement
時効の停止suspension of prescription;tolling of statutory limitationsuspension of prescription;tolling of statute of limitations
自然環境学習natural environmental learningnatural environment study
実演家人格権moral rights of performersmoral right of performer
執行官court enforcement officercourt execution officer
支払期日date of paymentdate of payment;payment date
支払不能(equity) insolvencyinability to pay debts (as they become due)
社債原簿管理人administrator of bond registrybond registry administrator
写真の著作物photographic worksphotographic work(s)
受遺者donee(testamentary) donee
就任assumptionassumption (of office)
重要文化財important cultural propertiesimportant cultural property
重要無形文化財important intangible cultural propertiesimportant intangible cultural property
重要無形民俗文化財important intangible folk-cultural propertiesimportant intangible folk-cultural property
重要有形民俗文化財important tangible folk-cultural propertiesimportant tangible folk-cultural property
収賄acceptance of a bribeacceptance of bribe
受領能力capacity of receiptcapacity to accept/receive
準共有quasi coownershipquasi- coownership
準備的口頭弁論preliminary oral proceedingspreliminary oral proceeding(s)
障害者person with disabilitiesperson with disabilities;disabled person
少額訴訟action on small claimaction on small claim;small claim action
上告趣意書statement of reasons (for final appeal)(written) statement of reasons (for final appeal)
上告理由書statement of reasons for final appeal(written) statement of reasons for final appeal
証拠物articles of evidencearticle of evidence
情報公開access to information;disclosure of the informationaccess to information;disclosure of information
抄本extractextract;(abridged) copy
証明力probative value (of evidence)probative value (of evidence);evidentiary value
省令Ordinance of the MinistryOrdinance of the Ministry;Ministerial Ordinance
食品循環資源resource from wasted foodresources from wasted food
職務執行execution of dutyperformance of duty;execution of duty
職務上in the course of duties;in the course of functionsin the course of duties;as a part of one's duties
所持possessionpossession;direct control (over things)
書面による準備手続preparatory proceedings by means of documentspreparatory proceeding(s) by means of documents
事理を弁識する能力capacity to appreciate right or wrongcapacity to appreciate one's situation
身体検査inspection and examination of a person;inspection of a body;search of a bodyinspection and examination of a person;inspection of a body;body search
審判trial;decision;trial and decision;inquiry;hearing;adjudicationtrial;decision;trial and decision;inquiry;hearing;adjudication;ruling;determination;adjustment
審判手続trial procedure;hearing procedure;inquiry proceduretrial proceeding(s);hearing proceeding(s);inquiry proceeding(s)
審理の終結conclusion of proceedingsconclusion of proceeding
心裡留保concealment of true intentionmanifestation without true intention
随意条件condition at willcondition at will;potestative condition
生活排水処理施設treatment facilities for household wastewaterhousehold wastewater treatment facilities
請求の基礎basis of claimbasis for claim
請求の追加addition of claimsaddition of claim
請求の認諾acknowledgment of claimsacknowledgment of claim
請求の放棄waiver of claimswaiver of claim
清算法人liquidating juridical personjuridical person in liquidation
製造設備manufacturing equipment;equipment for manufacturing …manufacturing equipment;manufacturing facilities;equipment/facilities for manufacturing …
政府代表representatives of the governmentrepresentative of the government
生物検査testing of organismstesting on organisms
生物検査命令order for testing of organismsorder for testing on organisms
責めに帰すべき事由cause imputable to the accused himself/herselfcause attributable to (someone);grounds attributable to (someone)
善意の(で)without knowledgewithout knowledge;unknowingly;in good faith
全部取得条項付種類株式class share subject to wholly callclass share subject to class-wide call
専門委員expert adviser;technical advisor;expert committeeexpert adviser;technical advisor;experts committee
占有権posessory rightpossessory right
占有物thing possessed;things under one's possessionthing possessed;thing under one's possession
相続分share in inheritanceshare in inheritance;inheritance share
争点及び証拠の整理手続proceeding for arranging issues and evidencesproceeding(s) to arrange issues and evidence
相当の対価reasonable valuereasonable value;fair consideration
相隣関係relationship between owners/occupiers of adjoining landneighboring relationships
贈賄briberyoffer of bribe
訴訟指揮control of court proceedingscontrol of court proceeding(s)
訴訟手続court proceedingscourt proceeding(s)
訴訟手続の中止suspension of court proceeding on the ground of impossibility and difficulty of procedural actions by court;suspension of court proceedingsuspension of court proceeding(s) on the ground of impossibility and difficulty of procedural actions by court;suspension of court proceeding(s)
訴訟手続の中断abatement of actiondiscontinuation of action
訴訟手続の停止stay of court proceedingstay of court proceeding(s)
訴訟能力capacity to stand trialcapacity to sue or be sued
訴訟費用償還請求権right of reimbursement of court costsright to reimbursement of court costs
訴訟無能力者person without capacity to stand trialperson without capacity to sue or be sued
即決裁判手続speedy trial procedureexpedited trial procedure
疎明showing of prima facie evidenceprima facie showing
損益分配distribution of profit and lossdistribution of profits and losses
損害賠償damagesdamages;compensation of damages
損失の処理disposal of lossesdisposition of loss
第一審the first instancefirst instance
第一審裁判所court of the first instancecourt of first instance
対価consideration;thing received (in exchange for)value;price;thing received (in exchange for);consideration
代価弁済paying the mortgage pricedirect satisfaction of mortgage with purchase price
対抗するduly assert againstperfect duly assert against
代替物fungible thingsfungible thing;alternative goods;substitute
代表者representative personrepresentative (person)
貸与権right of lendingright to rent
代理業務agent work;agency functionagency business;agency functions
立替払payment for a third partypayment for a third party;payment on behalf of a third party
単元未満株式share less than one unitshare less than one (share) unit
単元未満株主holder of share less than one unitholder of share less than one (share) unit
単純承認unconditional acceptance of inheritanceunqualified acceptance
畜産livestock raging;livestock business;livestock industrylivestock raising;livestock business;livestock industry
致死causing deathcausing death;fatal;lethal
地方独立行政法人local incorporated administrative agencylocal independent administrative agency
地方文化財local cultural propertieslocal cultural assets
仲裁手続arbitral proceedingarbitration procedure
中止命令discontinuance order;suspension orderstay order;discontinuance order;suspension order
注文者ordererorderer;the party ordering work
懲戒委員会disciplinary committeedisciplinary action committee
調書決定record in lieu of ruling documentrecord in lieu of written decision
著作者人格権moral rights of authorsmoral right of author
著作隣接権neighboring rightsneighboring right
積立金reserve fundsreserve fund
電子的方式an electronic formelectronic form
転借人sub lesseesublessee
転貸sub leasesublease
転貸人sub lessorsublessor
…等… etc.;such as …… etc.;such as …;and other (things) with/of similar nature;or the like
倒産処理手続insolvency proceedinginsolvency proceeding(s)
投資事業有限責任組合investment limited partnershipinvestment limited partnership;investment business limited partnership
当事者能力capacity to sue and to be suedcapacity to be a party
同時履行の抗弁defense for simultaneous performancedefense of simultaneous performance
謄本transcripttranscript;(certified) copy
登録異議の申立てopposition to registrationfiling of opposition to registration
登録異議申立書written oppositionwritten opposition (to registration)
登録事務registration workregistration affairs
登録出願application(registration) application
登録出願人applicant(registration) applicant
登録有形文化財registered tangible cultural propertiesregistered tangible cultural property
独立行政法人incorporated administrative agencyindependent administrative agency
特例有限会社special company with limited liabilityspecial limited liability company
土地の所有者landownerlandowner;owner of (the) land
特許請求claim(patent) claim
届出書written notice;written reportwritten notice;written report;written notification
取消権right to rescindright to rescind;rescission right
取引条件trade terms;term and conditions (of business)trade terms;terms and conditions (of transaction)
取引制限restraint of traderestraint on trade
…において準用する…の規定the provision of …, as applied mutatis mutandis pursuant to … the provision of …, as applied mutatis mutandis pursuant to …
…において準用する場合を含むincluding the cases where it is applied mutatis mutandis pursuant toincluding the cases where applied mutatis mutandis pursuant to
に定めるところによりpursuant to the provision ofpursuant to the provision of;as provided for by
二次使用料secondary use feessecondary use fee
入港entrance into a portentry into a port
根抵当権設定者revolving mortgagormortgagor of a revolving mortgage
廃液waste liquidwaste liquid;waste fluid;effluent
配当dividends;distributions;liquidating distributiondividend;distribution;liquidating distribution
破産手続開始commencement of bankruptcy proceedingscommencement of bankruptcy proceeding(s)
発行可能種類株式総数total number of authorized share in a classtotal number of authorized shares in a class
発行可能株式総数total number of authorized sharetotal number of authorized shares
判決による支払の猶予grace of payments by judgmentpayment grace period pursuant to judgment
被害者victimvictim;aggrieved party;injured party
被上告人appllee (of final appeal)appellee (of final appeal)
否認権right of avoidanceright of avoidance;right of rebuttal
表示indication;representation;manifestation;label;markindication;representation;manifestation;label (labeling);mark
不確定期限uncertain due dateuncertain due date;unfixed period of time;indefinite period of time
負担付遺贈testamentary gift with burdentestamentary gift with burden;conditioned testamentary gift
負担付贈与gift with burdengift with burden;conditioned gift
不貞な行為unchaste actunchaste act;act of infidelity
不動産real estatereal property
不動産質pledge of real estatepledge of real property
不法原因給付performance for illegal causesperformance for illegal/unlawful reasons
不法行為torttort;tortious act
扶養義務者supporter under dutyperson under duty to support
文化財cultural propertiescultural property
分割払いinstallment planinstallment payments
閉会closingclosing (of meeting)
別除権right to retrieve things from bankrupt estateright of separate satisfaction
変更の判決judgment of modificationjudgment for modification
変死者person having died an unnatural deathperson who died an unnatural death
弁論oral argument;closing argumentoral argument
弁論準備手続preparatory proceedingspreparatory proceeding(s)
弁論準備手続調書record of preparatory proceedingsrecord of preparatory proceeding(s)
傍系血族collateral relatives by bloodcollateral relative by blood
傍系親族collateral relativescollateral relative
防護標章登録defensive mark registrationdefensive mark
防護標章登録証certificate of defensive mark registrationdefensive mark registration certificate
防災訓練disaster prevention drillsdisaster prevention drill
放射線障害radiation hazardradiation damage
法人たる事業者entrepreneur of juridical personjuridical person business operator;juridical person entrepreneur
放送権rights of broadcastingright of broadcasting
放送事業者broadcasting organizationbroadcaster;broadcasting organization
法定代理人statutory representativestatutory agent
法律行為juristic actjuridical act
保佐開始の審判order for commencement of curatorshipruling for commencement of curatorship
補助開始の審判order for commencement of assistanceruling for commencement of assistance
埋蔵物things hidden in the groundburied item
埋蔵文化財buried cultural propertiesburied cultural property
未決勾留pre-sentence detentionpre-sentencing detention
無記名債権bearer certificate of claimsbearer certificate of claim
無形文化財intangible cultural propertiesintangible cultural property
無罪not guiltynot guilty;innocent
無差別大量殺人行為indiscriminate mass murderact of indiscriminate mass murder
無償でwithout chargewithout compensation;gratuitously
明細書descriptiondescription;detailed statement;specifications
名勝scenic beautyscenic beauty;scenic spot
免訴dismissal for judicial bardismissal by reason of judicial bar
目録temporary restraining order;table of contents;inventory;list;cataloguetable of contents;inventory;list;catalogue
やむを得ない事由compelling reason;unavoidable circumstancescompelling reason;unavoidable circumstances;unavoidable grounds
有益費useful expensesbeneficial expenses
有価証券negotiable instrument of value;securities;document of title;negotiable instrumentnegotiable instrument;negotiable instrument of value;securities;document of title
有形文化財tangible cultural propertiestangible cultural property
有効期間valid periodvalid period;effective period
有償行為act for valueact for value;onerous act
有線放送cable broadcastcable broadcast;cable broadcasting
有線放送事業者cable broadcast business operatorcable broadcaster;cable broadcast business operator
猶予期間period of suspensionperiod of suspension;grace period
予約reservationreservation;option contract
利害関係人interested personinterested person;interested party
略式手続summary proceedingssummary proceeding(s)
隣接する権利neighboring rightsneighboring right
累犯repeated convictionrepeated convictions
連結計算書類consolidated financial statementconsolidated financial statements
朗読するread out;read aloudread aloud


見出し語 entry訳語 equivalent
異議者denying party;disputing party
異議のある債権denied claim;disputed claim
著しい損害又は遅滞substantial detriment or delay
一括売却package (blanket) sale
一般異議申述期間ordinary period for making objections
一般承継人general successor
一般調査期間ordinary period for investigation
一般調査期日ordinary date of investigation
一般の先取特権general statutory lien
一般の優先権がある債権claim with general priority (statutory priority over the entire property of the debtor)
一般弁済期間general period for payment
委任事務entrusted business
委任状power of attorney;proxy
委任による代理人privately appointed agent
訴えによってby filing an action
外国管財人foreign trustee
開始後債権post commencement claim
外務員sales representative
価額決定の請求request for valuation
価額の償還reimbursement of value
隔地者party at a distance
確定日付certified date
貸席rent space
学校法人incorporated educational institution
仮登記provisional registration
仮登録provisional registration
仮払provisional payment figured by estimate
簡易再生simplified rehabilitation
簡易配当simplified distribution
管財人代理trustee representative
監督命令supervision order
元本確定期日principal determination date
元本猶予期間grace period to pay principal
議決権行使書面voting card
期限time limit;assigned time;term;period of time
期限の利益benefit of time
期限の利益を喪失するto forfeit the benefit of time;to be accelerated;acceleration
期日間整理手続interim conference procedure
基準債権standard claim
急迫の事情pressing circumstances
給与所得者等再生rehabilitation for salaried workers, etc.
共益債権common benefit claim
協同組織金融機関cooperative financial institution
共同根抵当joint revolving mortgage
共有持分co-ownership interest
近親者close relative
金融商品financial instruments
金融商品仲介業financial instruments introducing brokerage business
金融商品取引業financial instruments business
金融商品取引所financial instruments exchange
組入金the money deducted from the proceeds and added to the estate
区役所ward office
経常利益ordinary profit;current profit
継続的給付continuous performance
競売申立人auction applicant
現実数値actual figure
現存利益actual enrichment
現に受けている利益actual enrichment
現に利益を受けている限度においてto the extent actually enriched
減免reduction or release
権利変動の対抗要件requirements of perfection of changes in rights
公開買付けtender offer (bid)
更生事件reorganization case
公道public road
公判前整理手続pretrial conference procedure
公平かつ誠実にin a fair and sincere manner
効力を生ずるbecome effective
個人再生委員individual rehabilitation commissioner
債権者委員会creditors committee
債権者一覧表list of creditors
債権者代位訴訟action for obligee's subrogation right
債権者の一般の利益common interests of the creditors
債権者表schedule of creditors
債権者名簿list of holders of dischargeable claims
債権者を害する行為act that would prejudice creditors
債権届出期間period for filing of proofs of claims
債権の調査及び確定investigation and determination of claims
債権の届出filing of proofs of claims
最後配当final distribution
財産開示手続assets disclosure procedure
財産分与distribution of property
祭祀worship;religious services dedicated to
再生計画(案)(proposed) rehabilitation plan
再生計画認可(不認可)confirmation/disconfirmation of the rehabilitation plan
再生計画の取消しrevocation of the rehabilitation plan
再生債権rehabilitation claim
再生債権者rehabilitation creditors
再生裁判所rehabilitation court
再生債務者rehabilitation debtor
再生債務者財産rehabilitation debtor's assets
再生債務者等rehabilitation debtor, etc.
再生事件rehabilitation case
再生手続開始commencement of rehabilitation proceeding(s)
再生手続開始の申立てpetition for commencement of rehabilitation proceeding(s)
再生手続終結termination of the rehabilitation proceeding
再生手続終了close of the rehabilitation proceeding
再生手続廃止discontinuance of rehabilitation proceeding
財団債権claim of the estate(estate claim)
裁判上の請求demand by litigation
裁判上又は裁判外の行為act in or out of court
債務の減免reduction and release of debts
債務引受assumption of obligation;debt assumption
詐害行為取消訴訟action for avoidance of fraudulent act
詐欺破産(再生)罪crime of fraudulent bankruptcy/rehabilitation
査定決定assessment order
査定の裁判assessment decision
敷金の返還請求権claim to refund the security deposit
事業の譲渡business transfer
次項immediately following paragraph;the following paragraph
時効の利益benefit of prescription
自己資本規制比率capital adequacy ratio
自己の財産におけるのと同一の注意義務をもってwith the same care he/she would exercise over his/her own property
次条immediately following Article;the following Article
支障部分detrimental part
執行機関executive agency
執行行為acts of execution
執行文certificate of execution
執行力(の)ある債務名義enforceable title of obligation
支払能力ability to pay
支払の(を)停止suspension of payments
社債券(company) bond certificate
住所地法law of domicile
住宅資金貸付契約home loan contract
住宅資金貸付債権home loan
住宅資金特別条項special clause on home loan
住宅約定利息agreed interest on home loan
主務官庁competent government agency
主要株主major shareholder
準別除権quasi-right of separate satisfaction
準別除権者holder of the quasi-right of separate satisfaction
小規模個人再生rehabilitation for individuals with small-scale debts
証拠の類型category of evidence
商事会社commercial company
上場会社listed company
上場株券listed share certificate
上訴権回復restoration of appeal rights
承認援助手続recognition and assistance procedure
商法若しくは会社法の規定による留置権rights of retention provided for in the provisions of Commercial Code or Companies Act
証明予定事実facts to be proved
将来の請求権claim which may arise in the future
助産師birthing assistant
処分禁止の仮処分the provisional disposition that prohibits the disposition of the property
資力申告書statement of one's financial resources
知れている債権者known creditors
信義則good faith principle (principle of good faith)
信託会社trust company
生活上の本拠the principal place where a person lives
請求異議の訴えaction to oppose execution
誠実にsincerely;in good faith
精神上の障害mental disability
成年age of majority
生物多様性biological diversity;biodiversity
責任制限手続proceeding(s) for shipowners limitation of liability
責めに帰することができない事由grounds not attributable to (someone)
前項immediately preceding paragraph;the preceding paragraph
前条immediately preceding article;the preceding article
選択権right to choose;option
相互会社mutual company
総債権total claims
相場exchange rates;market price;quotations
双務契約bilateral contract
措置を取るimplement measures
続行期日further date
損失補てんloss compensation
対抗できるcan be asserted against
第三者異議の訴えthird party action against execution
代償的取戻権right of substitutional segregation
代替許可substituted permission
大量保有large volume holding
ただし、第三者の権利を害することはできない; provided, however, that this shall not prejudice the rights of a third party
担保権security interest
担保権の実行exercise of the security interest
担保権の消滅extinguishment of security interests
担保付社債信託secured bond trust
担保(の)提供provision of security;provision of collateral
担保不足見込額estimated amount of deficiency
担保不動産収益執行execution against earnings from secured real property
仲介(業)introducing brokerage (business)
調査命令examination order
町村役場town/village office
直系卑属lineal descendant
追加配当subsequent distribution
通常総会ordinary general meeting
定期金債権claim for periodic payments
適格機関投資家qualified institutional investor
手続開始の決定order of commencement
手続開始前の原因causes before the commencement of a (rehabilitation) proceeding
店頭デリバティブ取引over-the-counter derivative transaction
同意再生consensual rehabilitation
同意配当consensual distribution
投資顧問investment advisory
投資信託investment trust;mutual fund
得喪(権利の)acquisition or loss (of rights)
特別異議申述期間special period for making objections
特別清算開始commencement of special liquidation proceeding(s)
特別調査期間special period for investigation
特別調査期日special date of investigation
特別の先取特権special statutory lien
独立国立大学法人incorporated national university
届出再生債権者holder of filed rehabilitation claim
取調べ状況situation of interview/interrogation
取戻権rights of segregation
入国審査官immigration inspector
任意的口頭弁論optional oral arguments
任意売却sale by private contract
認否approval or disapproval
認否書statement of approval or disapproval
…の日の翌日から起算してfrom the day following the date of;since the day following the date of;commencing from the day following the date of
媒介mediate;(introducing) broking;(introducing) brokerage;commissioning;intermediary
配当表distribution list
配当率percentage of distribution
破産管財人代理bankruptcy trustee representative
破産債権bankruptcy claim
破産債権者bankruptcy creditors
破産裁判所bankruptcy court
破産事件bankruptcy case
破産手続開始の原因grounds for the commencement of bankruptcy proceeding(s)
破産手続参加participation in bankruptcy proceeding(s)
破産手続終結の決定order for termination of the bankruptcy proceedings
破産手続廃止discontinuance of bankruptcy proceedings
発行登録(書)shelf registration (statement)
発行登録追補書類shelf registration supplements
被担保債権secured claim
否認権の行使exercise of rights of avoidance
否認の請求request for avoidance
被申立担保権者the designated security interest holder
評価額estimated amount
評価済債権valued claim
費用の仮支弁making temporary payment of expenses
夫婦財産marital property
附従性appurtenant nature
平穏に、かつ、公然とpeacefully and openly
別除権者holder of the right of separate satisfaction
別除権の目的である財産の受戻しredemption of collateral for a right of separation
別段の定めがある場合を除きunless otherwise provided for
弁済期間payment period
弁済の禁止prohibition of payments
包括的禁止命令comprehensive prohibition order
防御権right to defense
法定追認statutory ratification
保全管理人provisional administrator
保存するtake custody of;keep
本登記definitive registration
本登録definitive registration
無異議債権claim without objection
無過失(過失がない)faultless;without fault;no-fault
無償行為gratuitous act
無償の供与gratuitous conveyance
持株会社holding company
約定劣後再生債権consensually-subordinated rehabilitation claim
約定劣後破産債権consensually-subordinated bankruptcy claim
有価証券関連デリバティブ取引securities-related derivative transaction
有価証券報告書securities report
優先的破産債権priority/preferred bankruptcy claim
劣後的破産債権subordinate bankruptcy claim
労働委員会labor relations commission

Ver. 1.2 → 2.0 (2007年4月9日)

標準対訳辞書 ver. 2.0 における変更点です. 詳細は以下の通りです.



見出し語 entry修正後 after備考 remark
悪意悪意の(で)訳語に knowinglyin bad faith を追加
委員会等設置会社委員会設置会社商法改正に伴う用語修正.訳語も company with committees に変更
会社の分割会社(の)分割会社法制定に伴う用語修正.ただし、法令により「会社分割」「会社の分割」と両方の用例があるので、用語の「の」は括弧とした.訳語も split company に変更
知慮浅薄(削除)使用頻度が極めて低いため (刑法第二百四十八条のみ出現)


見出し語 entry修正前 before修正後 after
異議申立人objector;petitioner for objectionobjector;petitioner for objection;opponent
一身専属性purely personalitypersonal nature
隠滅destruction (of evidence)destruction;spoilation
運送取扱人forwarding agentfreight forwarder
営業年度business yearbusiness year;fiscal year
営業報告書business reportbusiness report;operating report
永小作権emphyteusisfarming right
永小作人emphyteutafarming right holder
親会社parent corporationparent company
外国会社foreign corporationforeign company
解散の登記register of dissolutionregistration of dissolution
確定裁判unappealable decisionfinal and binding decision
確定審決unappealable decisionfinal and binding decision
確定判決unappealable judgmentfinal and binding judgment
確認の訴えaction for declaratory reliefaction for declaratory judgment
合併会社merged corporationmerged company
株式会社business corporationstock company
株式交換share-for-share exchangeshare exchange
株式所有会社shareholding corporationshareholding company
株式の分割splitting up of sharesshare split
株主総会shareholders' meetingshareholders meeting
株主名簿shareholder registershareholder registry
科料petty fine;minor finepetty fine
過料civil finenon-penal fine
簡易公判手続summary trial proceedingsummary criminal trial
管轄裁判所competent court of jurisdictioncourt with jurisdiction
監査法人auditing corporationaudit firm
監査役(corporate) auditor(company) auditor
監査役会board of corporate auditorsboard of company auditors
鑑定人expert witnessexpert witness;appraiser
期間period (of time)period (of time);term
議決権制限株式limited voting sharesshare with restricted voting right
期日外other dates than fixedother than the appearance date
期日の呼出しsummon (for date)summons for appearance date
起訴prosecutioninstitution of prosecution
起訴状indictmentcharging sheet
寄附行為act of endowmentact of endowment;articles of endowment
吸収分割absorption-type demergerabsorption-type split
旧法old actformer act
境界標boundary markboundary marker
共助犯罪crime for which assistance is requestedoffense/crime for which assistance is requested
強制執行compulsory executionexecution
行政事務administrative matteradministrative affairs
行政措置administrative actionadministrative measures
強制履行specific performancecompulsory performance
共同訴訟joint suitjoint suit;joint action
共同訴訟人joint partiescoparty
共同著作物joint workswork of joint authorship
共同被告joint defendantscodefendant
業務執行management (of corporate affairs)execution of business
業務上in the engagement of social activities;by professional conductin the course of business;in the pursuit of social activities;by professional conduct
共有物property in co-ownershipproperty in coownership
共有物の分割partition of property in co-ownershippartition of property in coownership
許可抗告appeal by permissionappeal with permission
禁錮imprisonmentimprisonment without work
勤務実績performance on dutywork record
組合員partner;union memberpartner;union member;associate
計算書類financial statementfinancial statements
刑事訴訟criminal suit;criminal actioncriminal procedure;criminal proceeding
血族blood relativerelatives by blood
原裁判所original courtcourt of prior instance
検索の抗弁defense of referencedefense of debtor's solvency
検察事務官public prosecutor's assistant officerassistant officer to a/the prosecutor
検視postmortem examinationpostmortem inspection
原判決original judgmentjudgment of prior instance
現物出資財産contributed assetproperties contributed in kind
攻撃防御方法allegations and defensesallegations and evidences
公債public bondgovernment bond
行使use;exercise;bringing into circulation;utteranceuse;exercise;uttering
合資会社incorporated limited partnershiplimited partnership company
公示送達service by public notificationservice by publication
公証人notary publicnotary
控訴appeal (for the immediate upper instance)appeal (to the court of second instance)
控訴審(intermediate) appellate court;(intermediate) appellate instancecourt of second instance
公訴の提起prosecutioninstitution of prosecution
公訴を提起するprosecuteinstitute prosecution
坑内労働belowground laborunderground work
公判廷trialopen court;court room
公布の日から起算して…を経過した日the day on which … from the day of promulgation have elapsedthe day on which … have elapsed from the day of promulgation
合名会社incorporated general partnershipgeneral partnership company
拘留misdemeanor detentionmisdemeanor imprisonment without work
子会社subsidiary (corporation)subsidiary company
国内domestic;in Japandomestic;in Japan;within this/the country
国家公務員national public officernational public officer;national civil servant;national public servant
国庫national treasurytreasury;national treasury
国庫金national treasury fundstreasury money
この法律において「…」とは、…をいうthe term "…" as used in this Act shall mean …the term "…" as used in this Act means …
この法律は、…限り、その効力を失うthis Act shall cease to be effective at the end ofthis Act shall cease to be effective at the end of …
この法律は、…から施行するthis Act shall come into force as from …this Act shall come into effect as from …
債権者集会creditors' meetingcreditors meeting
罪証(criminal) proofevidence
再審の訴えpetition for retrialaction for retrial
再犯second convictionrepeated conviction;second conviction
裁判judgment;sentencejudicial decision;sentence
裁判国sentencing countrysentencing state
罪名crime;offensecharged offense;offense
暫定措置法Act on Interim MeasuresAct on Temporary Measures
時効prescriptionprescription;statute of limitations;statutory limitations
時効完成completion of prescriptioncompletion of prescription;raps of the period of statutory limitations
時効期間period of prescriptionperiod of prescription;period of statutory limitations
時効の停止suspension of prescriptionsuspension of prescription;tolling of statutory limitation
事後強盗robbery by thiefconstructive robbery
事後評価post facto assessmentpost facto assessment;ex-post evaluation
事前評価assessment in advanceassessment in advance;ex-ante evaluation
執行停止suspension of executionstay of execution
実行に着手するcommence a crimecommence the commission of a crime
執行猶予suspension of the execution of sentencesuspension of execution of the sentence
事務管理negotiorum gestiomanagement without mandate
社外監査役outside corporate auditorsoutside company auditor
社債bond(company) bond
社債権者集会bondholders' meetingbondholders meeting
十分な理由sufficient ground;sufficient reasonsufficient grounds;sufficient reason
受託裁判官delegated judgecommissioned judge
受命裁判官commissioned judgeauthorized judge
種類kind;type;class;genus or specieskind;type;class;species
準共有quasi co-ownershipquasi coownership
上映presentation of moviescreen presentation
上演recitationstage performance
傷害injuryinjury;bodily injury
上級行政庁higher government agencyhigher administrative agency
上級の裁判所superior courtupper instance court
上告appeal (to the court of the last resort)(final) appeal
上告裁判所court of the last resortfinal appellate court
上告趣意書statement of reasons for appeal (to the court of the last resort)statement of reasons (for final appeal)
上告受理acceptance of appeal to the court of the last resortacceptance of final appeal
上告受理の申立てpetition for acceptance of appeal to the court of the last resortpetition for acceptance of final appeal
上告状appeal document to the court of the last resortpetition of final appeal
上告審court of the last resort;instance of the court of the last resortfinal appellate court;final appellate instance
上告提起filing of appeal to the court of the last resortfiling of final appeal
上告人appellant (at the court of the last resort)appellant (of final appeal)
上告理由reasons for appeal to the court of the last resortreasons for final appeal
上告理由書statement of reasons for appeal to the court of the last resortstatement of reasons for final appeal
招集の通知convocation noticenotice of calling;convocation notice
所管行政庁government agency with jurisdictionadministrative agency with jurisdiction
嘱託commissiontemporary employee;commission
食品循環資源recyclable food resourceresource from wasted food
職権authority;ex officioauthority
職権証拠調べex officio examination of evidenceexamination of evidence by courts' own authority
書面尋問examination in writingproduction of statements in lieu of examination
書面による準備手続preparatory proceedings by documentpreparatory proceedings by means of documents
新株予約権right to subscribe for new sharesshare option
新株予約権付社債bond with a right to subscribe for new sharesbond with share option
審議委員deliberative membercouncil member
審決decisiontrial decision
信書letter(confidential) correspondence
新設分割incorporation-type demergerincorporation-type split;incorporation-type company split
身体検査body checkinspection and examination of a person;inspection of a body;search of a body
審判trial;inquiry;hearingtrial;decision;trial and decision;inquiry;hearing;adjudication
尋問事項examined mattermatters for examination
尋問事項書description of examined mattersstatement of matters for examination
審理の計画plan for/of proceedingsplan for trial
随意条件potestative conditioncondition at will
生活の平穏tranquility of lifepeaceful existence
請求書written claim;written demand;written requestwritten claim;written demand;written request;bill;debit note;invoice
請求の原因cause of actionstatement of claim
請求の趣旨gist of a claimobject of claim
清算法人juridical person under liquidationliquidating juridical person
正当な理由justifiable ground;justifiable reasonjustifiable grounds;just cause
正犯principalprincipal (in crime)
政府機関governmental institutiongovernmental organization
生物organismorganism;living thing
積極的改善措置positive actionaffirmative improvement measure
設立会社formed corporationformed company
船員労働委員会labor relations commission for marinersLabour Relations Commission for Seafarers
選定保存技術selected traditional conservation techniqueselected preservation technique
専門委員expert adviser;special masterexpert adviser;technical advisor;expert committee
専用実施権exclusive licenseexclusive registered right to work
専用実施権者exclusive licenseeholder of exclusive registered right to work
専用使用権exclusive useexclusive right to use
相当の期間considerable period of timereasonable period of time
双方代理representation of the both partiesrepresentation of both parties
贈与税donation taxgift tax
創立総会organizational general meetingorganizational meeting
贈賄giving a bribebribery
訴訟行為procedural actionprocedural act
訴訟告知notice of suitthird party notice
訴訟能力competence to stand trial (court proceedings)capacity to stand trial
訴訟無能力者person without capacity to litigateperson without capacity to stand trial
疎明showing of a prima facieshowing of prima facie evidence
損益分配distribution of profits and lossesdistribution of profit and loss
大会社large-corporationlarge company
対抗するassert againstduly assert against
対抗要件requirement to assert against third partiesrequirement to duly assert against third parties;perfection requirement
第三債務者third-party obligor;third-party debtorthird party obligor;third party debtor
第三取得者third-party acquirorthird party acquirer
大赦general amnestygeneral pardon
代表権representation powerauthority of representation
代表者representativerepresentative person
耐用年数durable yearsdurable years;useful life
代理商commercial agentscommercial agent
単元未満株式fractional unit shareshare less than one unit
地方行政機関local government organlocal administrative organ
中央労働委員会Central Labor Relations CommissionCentral Labour Relations Commission
調書written statement;protocolwritten statement;record
賃借権lessee's rightsright of lease
追徴collection of equivalent valuecollection of equivalent value;subsequent collection
通常実施権non-exclusive licensenon-exclusive registered right to work
提示presentation;production;showingpresentation;production;showing;making available
定時総会annual shareholders' meeting;annual general meetingannual shareholders meeting;annual general meeting
提出期間period for submission;period for production;period for pleading;period for advancementperiod for submission;period for production;period for advancement
抵当権消滅請求claim for extinction of mortgageclaim for extinguishment of mortgage
締約国contracting partycontracting party;high contracting party;signatory;contracting states
手形訴訟negotiable instrument suitactions on bills and notes
電気通信回線electric telecommunication linetelecommunications line
電磁的方法electromagnetic deviceelectromagnetic means
当事者照会interrogatoriesinquiry to opponent
当事者能力capacity to be a partycapacity to sue and to be sued
登録機関registration institutionregistration agency;registration organization
登録認定機関registered certifying instituteregistered certifying agency;registered certifying organization
独立行政法人Incorporated Administrative Agencyincorporated administrative agency
特例に関する法律Act on Special ProvisionsAct on Special Measures
届出書written noticewritten notice;written report
取引条件trade termstrade terms;term and conditions (of business)
に関する法律Act onAct on;… Act
任意規定default provisiondiscretionary provision;default provision
破産管財人trustee in bankruptcybankruptcy trustee
罰条applicable (penal) statuteapplicable penal statute
払込金paid-up moneypaid money
判決judgment;sentencejudgment;sentence;judgment of conviction
被疑事実suspected crimealleged facts of crime
被告事件(criminal) casecase under public prosecution;case charged to the court
被収容者inmateinmate;sentenced inmate;unsentenced inmates;detainee
被上告人appellee (at the court of the last resort)appllee (of final appeal)
否認権right of denialright of avoidance
秘密保持命令protective orderprotective order;confidentiality protective order
日割in proportion to the number of daysper diem
不確定期限unfixed due dateuncertain due date
付加刑subordinate punishmentsupplementary punishment
付記supplementary registrationsupplementary note
複製権reproduction rightright of reproduction
不実記載false entryuntrue entry;false entry
不実の記載false entryuntrue entry;false entry;untrue statement;false statement
附属施設auxiliary facilityauxiliary facility;adjunct facility;attached facility
附属明細書detailed statementannexed detailed statement
不貞な行為act of unchastityunchaste act
分割会社demerged corporationsplit company
編曲arrangement(musical) arrangement
変更の判決judgment of amendmentjudgment of modification
弁護人(defense) counseldefense counsel
弁済期due datedue date;time of performance
弁論準備手続preparatory proceeding for oral argumentpreparatory proceedings
弁論準備手続調書record of preparatory proceedings for oral argumentrecord of preparatory proceedings
包括受遺者testamentary donee by a universal titletestamentary donee by universal succession
暴行physical violenceassault
防護標章defensive trademarkdefensive mark
防護標章登録defensive trademark registrationdefensive mark registration
防護標章登録証certificate of defensive trademark registrationcertificate of defensive mark registration
法定果実legal fruitscivil fruit
補佐人assistantassistant in court
補充送達supplemental servicesubstituted service
保障guaranteeguarantee;insurance or other financial security
没取sequestrationnon-penal confiscation;confiscation
未決勾留pre-sentencing detentionpre-sentence detention
無期禁錮imprisonment for lifelife imprisonment without work
無期懲役imprisonment for life with worklife imprisonment with work
目録temporary restraining ordertemporary restraining order;table of contents;inventory;list;catalogue
持分shareshare;interest;equity interest;undivided interest;equity
やむを得ない事由unavoidable reasoncompelling reason;unavoidable circumstances
有価証券securitiesnegotiable instrument of value;securities;document of title;negotiable instrument
有期with definite termwith/for definite term
優先権prioritypriority;right of priority
有線放送wire diffusioncable broadcast
有線放送権right of wire diffusionright of cable broadcasting
有線放送事業者wire diffusion organizationcable broadcast business operator
用水地役権right of utilizing watereasement for utilizing water
用途usageusage;intended purpose
余罪unsentenced crimeuncharged offense
離職separationseparation from service
連結子会社consolidated subsidiary (corporation)consolidated subsidiary company
朗読するread outread out;read aloud


見出し語 entry訳語 equivalent
相手方opponent;the other party/other parties;opposite party;counter party
意図的な導入intentional introduction
訴えの変更amendment of claim
営業の部類line of the business;line of the operations
会計監査人設置会社company with accounting auditors
会計参与accounting advisor
会計参与設置会社company with accounting advisors
回避(裁判官の)withdrawal (of judge)
外来生物alien species
合併契約merger agreement
株券喪失登録registration of lost share certificate
株券発行会社company issuing share certificate
株式移転計画share transfer plan
株式交換契約share exchange agreement
株式の併合consolidation of shares
株式無償割当てallotment of share without contribution
株主資本等変動計算書statement of changes in net assets
株主総会参考書類reference documents for shareholders meeting
株主名簿管理人administrator of shareholder registry
監査委員会audit committee
監査役会設置会社company with board of company auditors
監査役設置会社company with auditors
完全親会社wholly owning parent company
完全子会社wholly owned subsidiary company
鑑定証人expert as witness
鑑定留置状writ of confinement for expert examination
義務承継人の訴訟引受けassumption of suit by successor of obligation
吸収合併absorption-type merger
吸収合併契約absorption-type merger agreement
吸収分割会社splitting company in absorption-type split
吸収分割契約absorption-type split agreement
吸収分割承継会社succeeding company in absorption-type split
休眠会社dormant company
共同訴訟参加intervention as coparty
業務執行者executing person
業務執行取締役executive director
国の行政機関national government organ
計画審理well-organized proceeding
刑事施設penal institution;prison
権利承継人の訴訟参加intervention by transferee of right
公開会社public company
控訴裁判所court of second instance
合同会社limited liability company
口頭弁論の全趣旨entire import of oral argument
高度な専門的知識sophisticated expertise
交付送達personal service
国民生活lives of the citizenry
小商人petty merchant
個人識別情報information for personal identification
最終事業年度most recent business year
再審の事由grounds for retrial
在廷してbe present in court
裁判の脱漏omission in judicial decision
裁判費用court costs
差置送達service by leaving documents
磁気的方式a magnetic form
事業者団体trade association
事業の部類line of the business
事業報告business report
施行規則Implementation Ordinance
自己株式own share;treasury share
自己新株予約権own share option
自己新株予約権付社債own bond with share option
資本金の額amount of stated capital
資本金の額の減少reduction of the stated capital
社債管理者bond administrator
社債権者集会参考書類reference documents for bondholders meeting
社債原簿管理人administrator of bond registry
社債発行会社bond-issuing company
集中証拠調べintensive examination of witness and party
受訴裁判所court in charge of the case
出資の払戻しreturn of contribution
取得条項付株式share subject to call
取得条項付新株予約権share option subject to call
取得請求権付株式share with put option
種類株式class share
種類株式発行会社company with class shares
種類株主class shareholder
種類株主総会class (shareholders) meeting
種類創立総会class (shareholders) organizational meeting
商慣習commercial custom
上訴審appellate instance
譲渡制限株式share with restriction on transfer
譲渡制限新株予約権share option with restriction on transfer
消滅会社extinct company
剰余金の処分appropriation of surplus
剰余金の配当dividend of surplus
将来の給付の訴えaction for future performance
職権調査事項matters to be examined upon court's own authority
職権でby court's own authority;without any party's request;ex officio
新株予約権原簿registry of share options
新株予約権無償割当てallotment of share option without contribution
新設合併consolidation-type merger
新設合併契約consolidation-type merger agreement
新設分割会社splitting company in incorporation-type company split
新設分割計画incorporation-type company split plan
請求の基礎basis of claim
請求を理由付ける事実cause of action
清算株式会社liquidating stock company
清算人会board of liquidators
清算人会設置会社company with board of liquidators
清算持分会社liquidating membership company
全部取得条項付種類株式class share subject to wholly call
専用使用権者holder of exclusive right to use
争点及び証拠の整理手続proceeding for arranging issues and evidences
創立総会参考書類reference documents for organizational meeting
組織変更entity conversion
訴訟脱退original party's withdrawal from suit
訴訟手続の中止suspension of court proceeding on the ground of impossibility and difficulty of procedural actions by court;suspension of court proceeding
訴訟手続の中断abatement of action
訴訟手続の停止stay of court proceeding
訴訟の追行conduct of suit
訴訟の目的subject-matter of suit
訴訟費用の確定fixing amount of court costs
訴訟費用の負担の裁判decision on imposition of court costs
存続会社surviving company
代表清算人representative liquidator
単元株式数share unit
単元未満株主holder of share less than one unit
担保の変換substitution of security
中間確認の訴えinterlocutory confirmation suit
中間配当interim dividend
中間判決interlocutory judgment
調書決定record in lieu of ruling document
直接主義principle of direct trial
追完subsequent completion
通常実施権者holder of non-exclusive registered right to work
出会送達service at the place of meeting
定期金による賠償compensation by periodic payments
締結するconclude;contract;execute;enter into
電子公告electronic public notice
電子的方式an electronic form
電磁的方式electromagnetic form
同時審判simultaneous trial and decision
登録異議の申立てopposition to registration
登録異議申立書written opposition
独立当事者参加intervention as independent party
特例有限会社special company with limited liability
取締役会設置会社company with board of directors
任意積立金voluntary reserve
配当財産dividend property
発行可能種類株式総数total number of authorized share in a class
発行可能株式総数total number of authorized share
払込金額amount to be paid in;paid-in amount
判決裁判所court rendering judgment
判決による支払の猶予grace of payments by judgment
表見支配人apparent manager
表見代表執行役apparent representative executive officer
表見代表取締役apparent representative director
不利益処分adverse disposition
分割払いの定めjudgment authorizing installment payments
文書の趣旨gist of document
紛争調整委員会dispute coordinating committee
分配可能額distributable amount
弁論能力ability to participate in oral argument
募集株式share for subscription
募集社債bond for subscription
募集新株予約権share option for subscription
補助参加人assisting intervener
みだりにwithout (good) reason;without (due) cause
無償割当てallotment without contribution
持分会社membership company
持分の払戻しreturn of equity interest
有期のfor a definite term
有限責任事業組合limited liability business partnership
予告通知advance notice of filing an action
予告通知者advance noticer
臨時計算書類temporary financial statements
臨時決算日temporary account closing day
累積投票cumulative voting

Ver. 1.1 → 1.2 (2006年9月13日)

標準対訳辞書 ver. 1.1 における形式的な間違いを修正したものです. 詳細は以下の通りです.


修正内容 contents修正前 before修正後 after
「更新登録」の訳語番号2の訳語を削除するとともに、訳語番号を削除registration of accreditation(削除)

Ver. 1.0 → 1.1 (2006年8月4日)

標準対訳辞書 ver. 1.1 は暫定バージョンです. 標準対訳辞書の正式な辞書の改訂(Ver. 2.0)は2007年3月に予定されていますが,翻訳の便宜のため,その正式改訂に向けた専門家会議の検討内容等を反映させたものです.


用語 term修正前 before修正後 after
ただし,…は,この限りでない(ただし,…は,このかぎりでない)however, this shall not apply to …; provided, however, that this shall not apply to …
代理権(だいりけん)power of representationauthority of representation
表見代理(ひょうけんだいり)apparent agencyapparent authority
法定代理人(ほうていだいりにん)legal representativestatutory representative


用語 term訳語 equivalent
ただし…; provided, however, that …


Ver. 1.0 (2006年4月28日)

標準対訳辞書 ver. 1.0 を公開


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